A downloadable game for Windows


- Hit the zones

- & get combos!

Hey so I thought I'd actually make a game because at this point my job has had me working with GameMaker: Studio for about 3 years and I'm such a huge advocate for what a great piece of software it is.

SO this is my attempt to prove that by actually completing and releasing something of my own I hope you enjoy it!

It's currently windows only as I wanted to get it out there but I have a plan to probably release to other platforms in the future because it's so SimpleTM with GameMaker: Studio /shill - so watch this space.

The result of all this is a reaffirmation of my belief that GameMaker is super easy to use BUT an understand that Making Games can be super tough! I assume it's something that gets easy the more you do it and it's something I hope to do more of.


Oh I also uploaded the game to the GameMaker Player which is a cool thing we made for GameMaker games that are downloaded a played through an application made in GameMaker - check it: https://player.yoyogames.com/games/1827/zonegame

Published Nov 04, 2015
AuthorRoss Manthorp
TagsArcade, beat, zone

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